Reading Ritual: How To Raise A Reader

Reading Ritual: How To Raise A Reader

Reading time establishes a calming routine for your kids. To me, I believe that raising a reader at an early age is beneficial to both the parent and the child. The goal is to get your toddler to have a lifelong love of reading. Here are some tips on raising a reader from an early age:

What time should I read to my toddler?

Toddlers/Children who are heavy sleepers are able to face the day much better when their parents “read them awake,” rather than hustle them out of bed. So apart from bedtime stories, try a breakfast story, a bath-time story, or a just-home-from-daycare story.

Reading and Bonding?

While reading to your toddler, I would say it’s not about reading the words. At your toddler’s early age, it’s about learning to love the interaction with Mom, Dad, or the friend or family member reading the story. When your child sits in your lap as you read aloud, he doesn’t just enjoy books, he also enjoys the security of your undivided attention. By talking about what you read and making funny sounds about the pictures or the words of the story it is a great way to captivate your tiny tot attention.

What kinds of books should I read?

When choosing books for your toddler, I would suggest books that can be held easily and manipulated by your child, such as board books, pop-up books, and even bath books.  Children love bright colored books, especially books that contain rhymes and lots of pictures.

Should I bring my toddler to the Library?

Yes, of course! It’s a wonderful adventure to explore the awesome variety of books that are available at the Library. Your child may discover a new favorite book. The most awesome part I love about the Library is that you get to borrow and return the books for more amazing books. How great is that?

Reading as a Reward?

Parents, please don’t tell your child he or she can listen to a story if she finishes her dinner. When reading is associated with systems of reward and punishment, it isn’t a positive experience. Instead, pick times to read that feel natural, such as when you want your toddler to quiet down before her nap.


These amazing tips above has enabled me to create reading time for my tiny tot, and she loves books! Reading with your child and doing other interactive, unstructured activities are the most effective ways to develop your child’s reasoning skills and teach him to think creatively.

Here are some books for parents who want to foster a love of reading:

Here are some books for that are fun to read for your child:

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