Dealspotr: The coupon earning way!

With Dealspotr you can literally SAVE more and EARN more at the same time. Interesting, huh? Here is why you should take the opportunity to sign up today.

Dealspotr has been around for awhile now but many are still unaware of the huge savings and benefits provided by the platform, I have used it for quite some a while now and I enjoy every second, minute or hour spent on there.

Have you heard about Dealspotr?


What is Dealspotr?

It is actually the best platform for finding and sharing deals, it is community driven with thousands of people just like me and you. You will often find a coupon code that actually works on Dealspotr vs all the other coupon sites on the internet. In return you earn points which can be used to redeem amazon gift cards or cash via PayPal. Isn’t this just amazing? You share with others huge discounts and you earn at the same time.


Influencers & The Market Place

This is actually my favorite on the platform: The market place. It benefits both the brand and today’s influencer’s. Here is a quick breakdown below:

As a brand on Dealspotr, you can claim your brand, login, and start browsing and connecting with the influencers on the platform for free. You can post deals which shoppers will see on their feeds, post discussions, even share your own links and content. Shoppers can follow you, message you, and you can even see your daily social statistics to see what’s resonating with your followers.

As an influencer on Dealspotr, you will earn for promoting the brand, your participation is determined by your Influence Score. Dealspotr does not allow influencers to post their own rates, nor do they allow negotiations for the campaigns posted.

Overall, you are able to earn free products, earn points and redeem them for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s collaborate, come join me on influencer, get verified today!

I’m earning rewards helping other shoppers save money.
— Kelly N Imbert