Coconut Oil: An Amazing Hair Product

Coconut Oil: An Amazing Hair Product

Coconut Oil can work wonders for your hair, I have been using it for the past 3 years which is a very long time.

I personally used the Art Naturals brand which I purchase at Amazon which is by far the best Coconut Oil I’ve used.


This is the one I purchased, the packaging might be different, but it is the same product from Art Naturals.

The main reasons for using it is as a Hair Conditioner, Styling Agent and as a Hair Growth Stimulant.

Here are some amazing benefits + tips for nourishing your hair with Coconut Oil:


A coconut oil massage on the scalp stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles thus aiding in hair re-growth. I would suggest while applying to your hair massage slowly for great results.

You’re maybe wondering “What type is best for my hair? ” I would suggest using virgin (extra-virgin means the same in coconut oil terminology), or organic (so that it is pesticide free).

I would suggest using virgin (extra-virgin means the same in coconut oil terminology), or organic (so that it is pesticide free).

Here are some easy steps to apply to your hair:

Heating the oil to warm-to-touch temperature and then dabbing it on the scalp with your fingers, massaging as you apply.

Once the scalp is covered, you can choose to oil the hair from roots to ends.

Brush the hair to further spread the oil. You can wear a shower cap and leave the oil overnight to work its magic.

You can also choose to shampoo off after 30 minutes for a coconut oil quickie.

Remember to use plenty of warm water to rinse, as cold water can cause the oil to solidify and clog the scalp pores as well as clump the hair.

¾ cup coconut oil

1 cup liquid castile soap

10 drops vanilla extract

Gently mix all three ingredients together so that the soap doesn’t lather up. Keep it in a squeezy bottle in the fridge, and it will last about a month.

Use this as a normal shampoo, the great thing is that you would not need a conditioner after using this DIY shampoo.

It will condition your hair, keep it tangle and frizz free. It will also provide sun and weather protection.

Thank you for reading about my experience with nourishing my hair with Coconut Oil. I hope you receive the amazing results that I have seen.

Feel free to share your opinions or photos below.


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